Two Years Ago I was like you...

Hi, my name is Renee,

I have a passion to assist salon owners to get their hands back on the reins and start driving their business so they own a strong and productive salon. Part of the strategies I will implement will involve growing and expanding your business, this may include long term planning to incorporate your goals - from planning towards opening further salons, focusing on developing your team, paying yourself a decent salary or implementing systems to improve the day to day running of your salon.

You may feel you are experiencing lethargy from your team members and would like to increase their motivation and increase customer service levels?

I have discovered through networking that a lot of salon owners are having similar day to day struggles which can lead to a decrease in salon efficiency and profit. Being in business is not always easy and can have a negative impact on your own wellbeing, as a salon owner I am very familiar with this feeling as I have experienced it first hand!!!

I have since trained as a Salon Coach and am passionate about passing on my extensive knowledge and skills! I love to see others setting goals & reaching for their full potential. Self - limiting beliefs can stop us from reaching this and I would like to draw from my vast experience as a salon owner to help you break free from the constant stress and hard slog that can sometimes be soul destroying and frustrating.

What can I help you with?

Am I the right fit for you?

If you are passionate about developing your business and you want to feel you are able to improve efficiency and profitability then I am right for you. I will work with you to accomplish new ideas and achieve change, whilst enabling you to feel motivated and inspired to grow your business

Let's work together!

  • I offer 30 minute consultations specialising in salon branding, team management, financial management, client service and self development.

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  • Similar to 1 on 1 consultations specialising in branding, team management, financial management, client service and self development.

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  • A fantastic opportunity to network and meet other local salon owners. I would love Hair Salon owners/Managers to come together monthly to reset and have discussions where we can share ideas and support each other. Each Salon Club meeting will have a particular theme or topic to discuss, this will be chosen in advance and will be our focus for the session. I can see this being a big success and an extremely valuable tool to further develop your business.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • I approached Renee McNeil because I was looking for part-time hairdressing work I was also looking for a strong female business mentor to help me get my own business up and running. Renee helped by offering me a few days working in her hair salon, which included training on the latest hair trends and also extensive business training. The result was awesome I get to work for myself so I can learn in the safety of her salon, I have structure with some flexibility and a great income. One thing I like is Renee’s passion and devotion to helping others and other business owners in the local area by offering a free makeover to deserving women and getting other business involved, the end results are very heartwarming I feel so blessed to be a part of it and meeting like minded business owners. I found the experience valuable because I now feel confident to get my business up and running and know I have Renee there if I need advice or help.

    Kristine Chapman
  • Renee is what any client should want in their stylist. She is so full of passion, skill and professionalism. As an outgoing entrepreneur she has created a haven of creation, that’s welcoming and wonderful. Her choice of our brand NAK, sits with her morals, which is most important. I cannot speak highly enough of her dedication and loyalty to NAK. Renee’s belief in continued education and mentoring in her business is so commendable. I ALWAYS look forward to my time with such a great chick, it’s never long enough.


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