Hi, my name is Renee, nice to meet you!

I have been a hair stylist for 22 years and owner for 13 yrs.

I decided to become a salon coach for a multitude of reasons, foremost though, I have had times when I have felt overwhelmed and uninspired myself, so after doing some soul searching I found myself a coach who enabled me to transform my business model and my philosophy on life!   This was not an easy process, I had to feel  motivated and inspired and want to implement change in both my life and business. I started with small changes and as I built on my success was able to implement bigger ones.

Working with a salon coach is a very personal thing, so it is vitally important to take the time to ensure your coach is the right fit for you. You will spend a certain amount of time with me and I will get to know you well. I pride myself on working from a values base of integrity, honesty and empathy and I have the unique ability to be a constant ‘cheerleader’ for you and your salon.



My Background

I started in the hair industry working part time in my parents Rodney Wayne salon at the age of 16.  

From there I grew to love the industry and found I was really successful at it. One of the regional managers, Michelle Ogden spotted me and asked me to join the Rodney Wayne artist team and from there I won awards. I developed my skills and transitioned from managing salons to owning my own. I worked at four Rodney Wayne salons through out the South Island and lower North Island.

Even as a single mum and whilst overcoming obstacles in my personal life, I bought my own salon called Renascence which was  based on the Kapiti Coast.  Owning my first salon was a huge learning curve, it was extremely successful and productive, and I owned Renascence for eight years, with a full team of staff. However after eight years I decided to sell it. 

Looking back now I really fumbled through the management and financial side of running the business, I regrettably fell into the trap of working 6 days a week on the floor fully booked, no holidays.  This led me to reach burn out!!

Hence, I was forced to stop working due to unavoidable health issues, however there was a silver-lining, which forced me to reinvent, retrain and find my purpose in the hair industry.  My passion is to help support and teach owners and their staff how to run a well managed salon business with strong and structured systems to allow growth and provide rewards for everyone involved. 

On a more personal note, I currently reside on the sunny Kapiti Coast with my wonderful husband who I married in 2009 and two fantastic sons, aged 18 and 4 years old. 



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